Corporate profile
Imperial is a wholly owned subsidiary of Imperial Group (Pty) Ltd - a well-established JSE listed organization and leader in diverse fields of logistics and retail.
IMPERIAL Automotive Retail Division owns the largest network of motor dealerships in South Africa, representing all the major manufacturers. IMPERIAL retails approximately one in every six cars sold in South Africa. The division also operates commercial vehicle dealerships in the United Kingdom.

The brand and evolution
Since its 1938 inception the Imperial brand has been refined in character and strategic positioning from a single 50 x 20ft store, six employee operation to a highly competitive multi-channel dealer network employing well over a thousand people across twenty one demographic locations.
Through ability to retain leadership around sector relevant strategy and implement strategic objectives in the channel the new executive exponentially accelerated the brand placing Imperial products and services beyond the bench to set best practice. This entrepreneurial spirit remains the driving force behind the brand and is the platform from which solutions which others fail to find is launched.

Objectives and rationale
Imperial understands that today’s reality is a rapidly changing, highly competitive market in which traditional thinking business models no longer support real time business strategies nor our target audience. The true trademarks of a dynamic brand are customer driven focus on channel flexibility, agility and innovation. Living this philosophy ensures the group long term sustainability through continuous evaluation, customer-centric thinking, skilled management and open architecture organizational structure. In short, employee empowerment and persistently revisiting strategies reality check the support of current client requirements and changing market environments.

Strategic ambition
  • To relentlessly challenge conventional methodology with inspiration.
  • To cultivate and nurture a climate of continuous improvement, ultimate goal focus and solutions based forward thinking.
  • To develop pertinent strategy that facilitates measurement of initiatives against defined benchmarks over a set period.
  • To constantly apply our minds to innovative processes, whereby concise focus and unambiguous service delivery is guaranteed.
  • To further develop and entrench the porter brand at the forefront of our sector.
  • To retain leadership around industry relevant strategies.
  • To actively attract, recruit and retain the highest level of skilled, competent professionals.
  • To anchor the brand as a holistic transport solutions service provider of choice.
  • To entrench key values essential for sustainable growth and competitive advantage by facilitating an environment in which diplomacy, respect and the needs of clients are foremost.

Intelligently progressive
The internet has, unquestionably, become the transaction medium of choice, revolutionizing the manner in which customers prefer to interact with service providers. Rising individualism sees customers not only influencing self-service and multi-channel options but forming brand opinions based thereon – the future of which is destined to see CRM being measured and strengthened technologically. Imperial fully addresses these demands through intelligent, integrated infrastructure and on-line systems specifically tailored to enhance and add value to procurement decisions.

Service excellence
A strong product platform no longer solely builds or retains a competitive market edge. It merely provides an entry ticket. Today, commanding a sustainable advantage is centered round value the brand adds and customer-centricity. Imperial believes enhancing the entire customer experience lies not only in the provision of personal attention but, more specifically, in managed service based processes and integrated systems that ensure the consistent delivery thereof. The group has, to this end, directed its energies towards building sustainable customer satisfaction through the deployment of dedicated customer relationship specialists and tailored CRM technology throughout the channel.

The sustained edge

  • Subsidiary of a well-established holding company.
  • Track record of success and ability to execute strategic objectives.
  • Established brand with cemented market credibility.
  • Operational experience and understanding of the motor retail industry.
  • Strong financial infrastructure.
  • Innovative product and service offering.
  • Sustainable customer-centric focus and platform.
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